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2007-12-06 17:39:50 by Cryptomaniac2204

Hello, why are you here? Are you lost? Did you lose your parents? In that case stay a while, make yourself comfortable while know on second thought just leave before something bad happens to you. No really, I mean it. This place isn't safe, the things that lurk here thirst for human bodily fluids, some of which take a while to aquire, depending on your stamina. Shhhh...did you hear that? No? I'm just imagining things, like that hand around your throat. Have a nice day and say hello to death for me. Oh and if you beat him in a limbo contest he will be your friend forever. No really I mean it I saw it on TV once and TV never lies. Have a nice day.



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2008-05-25 20:30:20

the fuckin carebears link slice there heads off

Cryptomaniac2204 responds:

not just a care bear a Nazi care bear...that makes up for being a care bear.


2008-05-30 19:15:45

I agree with you! where did you find it? I wonder if there is a bigger picture of higher quality

Cryptomaniac2204 responds:

I found it on what used to be but now it reroutes you to the american cancer society page. Most people would see her and think she got beaten almost to death and lost an arm but look closely and you will see different. If in fact her arm was destroyed her arm cannon would also be destroyed. This pic raised her awesomeness don't you agree.


2008-05-31 20:20:31

between samus and zelda i would go with samus who would u go with Cryptomaniac2204?

Cryptomaniac2204 responds:

Now whywould you make me have to choose but if I had to I would pick Samus because she can contort herself into a ball, she must fuck like a tiger. So what do you think weaver117?


2008-06-01 17:01:48

It is a verry bad ass pic.
I just wish there were more Starfox pictures this awsome...

(Updated ) Cryptomaniac2204 responds:

Yeah thats too bad, me too. But Samus is badassery incarnate.


2008-06-02 20:38:26

Holy crap. She looks like she's been on the wrong end of one to many Falcon Punchs.... Very badass.

Cryptomaniac2204 responds:

Glad you like it.


2008-07-18 14:14:14

samus sucks ass!!!!!! ... in brawl

Cryptomaniac2204 responds:

That she may but if she didn't suck in Brawl i.e they gave her everything from her games she would pwn more than most of the other characters in Nintendo's long history. Imagine her in Brawl with her power cannon(rapid fire a.k.a spam weapon), ice beam, plasma beam, wave beam, and the light,dark and annihilator beams, plus power bombs and all suit augmentations she would rule the game. Sure it's 100 times overkill but who cares. =)


2008-08-05 02:44:22

Cool pic. Me likey. *right click > save as* :3

Cryptomaniac2204 responds:

hanks dude =3


2008-08-15 18:25:01

Do you know that Samus is actually a dude in disguise?

Cryptomaniac2204 responds:

Dude, if you knew anything about me you wouldn't of said that. But I'm in a good mood so I'll let it slide.And if she is a dude in disguise most would still fuck her lol.


2008-08-25 09:43:08

Cryptomaniac2204 responds:

true but fuck you.


2008-08-25 09:44:22

I'm in ur comments stealing ur posts... =3

Cryptomaniac2204 responds:

"Can't touch my kitty"


2009-01-06 23:38:12


Cryptomaniac2204 responds:

yeah i know.


2009-01-12 19:37:01


Cryptomaniac2204 responds:

I've been busy my friend